Frequently asked questions
If you need to ask a specific question about our services, please use the contact form to send us an email.

What time is Check in and Check out?

Check In at 15:00 hours and Check Out is at 12:00 hours. If you are to arrive early or delayed for your arrival please let us know in advance.

How to reserve a suite?

Please feel free to look at the suites information in our “SUITES” section: http://milleniumplazasuites.mx/suites/ and send us an email via contact form or directly to the mail: reservaciones@milleniumplazasuites.mx

Is there cleaning service for the suites?

All of our suites have room cleaning service. Scheduled everyday. Doesn’t include washing the Kitchenware, utensils and Crockery.

How often do you change the bed sheets and towels?

Our suites will always be clean when you arrive for your stay. All the bed sheets and bathroom towels will be changed once or twice a week.

Is the laundry service free?

There are washing and drying machines inside the building. This is a free service we have for our guests. As it is also the guest that is responsible for making good use of the machines.

Is there a safe box inside the suites?

For the moment we don’t have safe boxes inside the suites. We kindly ask to our guests to take care of their belongings as the management of the suites is not responsible for any object lost or forgotten.

Is there a parking lot inside the building?

Yes, the building has a parking lot for free use to our current guests. We will give you a remote control for the gate. In case of losing it, a payment of $500 MXN must be made to the manager of the building.

Is Millenium Plaza & Suites Pet Friendly?

Unfortunately, it is prohibited to have any type of pets inside the suites.

What is the welcome package?

When you arrive to your suite, you’ll find a welcome kit which includes: 1 bottle of water,
soap and sponge for the kitchen. Hand soap for the bathroom and coffee filters. In the common area you will be able to find a water dispenser.

Do you have any type of transportation service?

For the moment we do not have any type of transportation service, but we work with an external transportation company which we can contact in case you need this service. Also we can give you the taxi numbers and there’s also Uber service in the city.

is there baby accesories in the suites?

For the moment we have no baby accesories for the suites.

Can Millenium Plaza & Suites keep my luggage after I Check out?

We don’t provide this kind of service. At the moment you Check out from the suites you will have to take your belongings with you.

Is there any restaurant inside the building?

For the moment the suites don’t have any restaurant, but the Millenium Plaza has many restaurants and coffee shops for you.

How can I cancel or modify my reservation?

Cancelations must be made 72 hours prior your arrival. Please, send us an email or contact us via telephone so we can give you further instructions.

How can i send a complaint or suggestion?

Please, if you feel you need to tell us something about our service, send us an email with your info and suggestion/complaint to: serviciocliente@milleniumplazasuites.mx

Do i have to pay in advance at the moment of making the reservation?

No, You have 24 hours before the date of arrival to pay. We offer different ways of payment. It can be made via bank deposit or transter. Also we offer payments via Paypal form which would be sent to your email adress.

What use will you make of my personal info i gave you when booking?

We only use your information for the reservation, and if it was necesary to contact any guest for any changes, cancelation, etc. All info are protected by our privacy politics. Feel free to send an email to privacidad@milleniumplazasuites.mx if you have any questions.

How can i send a comment about my experience during my stay?

We would be very happy to receive any comment about your experience. Please send it to: serviciocliente@milleniumplazasuites.mx

I need to reserve many suites for an event, etc. Do you offer any special discount?

You may contact us directly to reservaciones@milleniumplazasuites.mx to ask for any special offers.

If i change mi reservation, will the price change?

It is possible that it will change. Prices depend in some factors such as: season, day of the week, duration of your stay, quantity of people, events, etc.